Sunday 25 April 2010

PGA Tour Predictions

In addition to supplying comprehensive PGA Tour statistics, one of the main purposes of Golf Predictor is to produce European PGA Tour predictions and US PGA Tour predictions. These PGA Tour predictions are produced by our predictions engine each week in advance of the tournament(s) starting. Barring an unusual delay, the PGA Tour predictions are generally available on Golf Predictor by the Monday evening (GMT) of the tournament week.

Occasionally, due to a scheduled Monday finish, a weather delay, a hold-up in the availability of the necessary golf statistics (e.g. latest world ranking data) or unforeseen personal circumstances, the PGA Tour predictions may be generated on a Tuesday. This is actually a better day to run predictions as the field for each event is much less volatile than the previous day. This tended to be more of a factor in the lesser tournaments on the calendar, where the field could vary considerably between the Monday and Tuesday. The generation of the PGA Tour predictions on Golf Predictor was once moved briefly to Tuesdays for this reason. However, some users preferred to have the the data on the Monday, however inaccurate the field might be at that point, so the generation of the PGA Tour predictions reverted back to Mondays. Occasionally, with volatile fields, the PGA Tour predictions had to be regenerated if there is one or more significant changes to the field. However, with the addition of tee-off groups to Golf Predictor in mid 2013, this has become less of an issue. When the tee-off groups are entered into the system, predictions for golfers that were on the original entry list but not the newer tee-off groups list are deleted. Likewise, predictions are created for golfers on the tee-off groups list who were not on the original entry list. The addition of these tee-off groups have ensured much more accurate fields in Golf Predictor since its inception.

The generated PGA Tour predictions contain a wealth of objective statistics and charts for each golfer in the tournament field. You can get an idea of the comprehensive information available on the About Golf Predictor page or by registering for Golf Predictor for free and looking around. You may view any of the PGA Tour predictions by clicking on a golfer name on one of the many predictions pages available from the "Predictions" and "Form" menus.

The only subjective statistic generated in the PGA Tour predictions is the GP Score, which serves to rank the field by likelihood of winning. Depending on which statistic (e.g. course history, similar tournament history or recent form) you consider most important, you may decide that a lower ranked golfer is more likely to perform well in a given tournament. You can apply your own custom weightings to various metrics and rank the entire field accordingly and also filter the field by over fifty different metrics. The statistics displayed in the PGA Tour predictions are under constant review and new features are added as they are suggested by users or thought of by me!

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